Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed Review

Air Mattress – Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed with Fitted Sheet and Bed Skirt – Built-in High Capacity Airbed Pump

This air mattress has great user reviews. It differs from other air mattresses because it has the appearance of a normal bed but is inflated with air. It’s fitted skirt and bed sheet give a comfortable feel and keep users warm at night. The product comes with an internal pump which makes it very easy to set up, and has a one-year manufacturing warranty which means that you are protected against any manufacturing faults. It is a great choice of air mattress if you are looking for something durable and comfortable which will really last. This a very firm airbed and should provide you with many restful nights.

Key Features

  • The product includes a thirty-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty. The manufacturers will pay for return shipping and provide a refund.
  • Offers a firm and sturdy sleeping surface which does not collapse or stretch.
  • Has a stylish bed skirt and fitted top sheet which makes it more aesthetically pleasing and ensures that you are kept warm.
  • Laminated vinyl prevents the air bed from stretching too much.
  • It can hold up to 600 lbs.
  • Comes with a compact storage bag.
  • Has an internal pump which ensures you will not lose it.
  • Also, has an alternate pinch valve in case you do not have electricity.

Ease of Set Up – 5/5

To set up the mattress, take it from the compact storage bag and inflate it using the internal pump. The air mattress should inflate into a comfortable bed. In case you are using the product in a place where there is no electricity, the product also is fitted with an alternate pinch valve which can be used to inflate the mattress manually. The product is very easy to set up, and requires minimal effort. The compact storage bag is great for transporting the mattress quickly and easily between places. It can be used both in the home and in camping trips, and the air mattress is very quickly transformed into a deluxe bed.

Comfort – 5/5

The user reviews of the product have been excellent. It has 70% five-star reviews, with customers overall being very satisfied with their mattress. They have reported that it is a welcome relief from other squeaky air mattresses and that this one feels and looks more like a real bed. Because the bed is very firm, it is a good choice if you suffer from back pain or strain and need something that will really support you whilst you are travelling. The bed skirt and fitted top sheet allow you to stay warm and cosy at night. In terms of comfort, this is an ideal product.

Durability – 5/5

This product is great in terms of durability. Extra steps have been taken to ensure that the product lasts a long time and that you get the most for your money. A thirty-day risk satisfaction guarantee means that you can quickly and easily return the mattress if you are in any way dissatisfied. Additionally, it comes with a one year warranty which protects against manufacturing flaws. The manufacturers will even pay for the return shipping.

The product differs from other mattresses because it aims to provide a firm and sturdy sleeping surface which does not collapse or stretch like other air beds. Good quality laminated vinyl is used to ensure that seams do not stretch and the mattress does not begin to deflate over time. This is a very durable product which provides a real sleeping surface. It is great if you want to invest in something high quality.

Price – 4/5

The price of the mattress may be a little more than some are willing to spend, but it should be seen as an investment. It is a very durable mattress, and if you choose to invest in this you know that you are protected by a warranty and will be provided with real comfort. The user reviews show that the product delivers a high level of customer satisfaction and is a good choice if you want a high-quality product which will last.

Overall Summary

This is a unique air mattress which is firm and has the appearance of a real bed. It has an internal pump and compact storage bag which makes it easy to transport and set up. The product is made of durable vinyl and has a one year warranty which guarantees your money back if you are dissatisfied with the product. This mattress is ideal if you want something to invest something to use both whilst travelling or in your own home.


  • Internal pump so you do not lose it.
  • Great warranty.
  • Excellent user reviews.


  • Price.
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