My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow Review

My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow Review

The My Pillow allows you to change the size of your pillow based on your own personal preferences. It comes with interlocking fill which can be modified in order to suit your own needs. Find out more in our My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow Review.


  • Adjustable stuffing
  • Machine and dryer washable
  • Eco-friendly shipping


  • Has to be put in a dryer and prepared before use
  • Some negative user reviews about the quality of materials used

My Pillow Classic Series Bed Pillow Sizes

This pillow comes in a range of sizes. The table below lists the available options.

All variants are available on

What Did We Review?

My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow, Standard/Queen Size Review

We reviewed the My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow, in the Queen.

We would recommend choosing a pillow size based on your personal preference.

All features are the same regardless of size, so the review should be relevant for all sizes.

The My Pillow Classic also comes in Firm

You can also buy a firmer version of the My Pillow Classic, which is ideal if the medium is too soft for you.

All variants are available on

What is the My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow?

The My Pillow Classic Series is a customizable pillow, that can be adjusted to meet your needs. The stuffing can simply be emptied and taken out as needed.

It is a good choice for an environmentally friendly pillow which is completely customizable.

The pillow is extremely easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried.

Key Features

  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Two inches of gusseted sidewall adds luxury and support.
  • The fill is made of Open Cell Poly which helps to increase breathability and encourages you to stay cool.
  • The fill is adjustable so you can customize how you want your pillow.
  • The pillows are shrink wrapped and use less packaging to be eco-friendly.

Cleaning – 5/5

Special care has been put into ensuring that the pillow is easily cleaned. It can be put into a washing machine or dryer easily in order to ensure that it can be kept fresh.

The Open Cell Polyfoam means that the inside is breathable and allows air flow, and as a result, it combats stuffiness.

It may be an ideal option for a child, as stains can easily and quickly be removed.

Eco-Friendly – 5/5

The pillow uses minimal packaging in order to decrease its carbon footprint. It is shrink wrapped and delivered discreetly and easily.

However, because of the way it is packaged, it’s necessary to place the pillows in a dryer for a while to plump it up.

Some reviews have said that when this setup is not done properly, the pillows do not inflate properly. Therefore it is important to follow the instructions carefully before use.

The environmentally friendly packaging makes this an excellent option for people seeking a comfortable and environmentally friendly pillow.

They are also 100% manufactured in the USA and so shipping costs are low and it minimizes carbon footprint.

Durability – 3/5

Some of the feedback for the pillow has been negative, with users saying that the materials feel cheap and that the pillows are lumpy.

Some users have also said that they were disappointed with the quality of the pillow and expected something more deluxe.

However, there are also numerous overwhelmingly positive reviews. Pillow choice is a subjective personal preference, so your experience may differ.

There does not appear to be a warranty on the product which could cause issues.

However the gusseted sides add more support to the pillow and help to make it more durable, and the ability to customize the firmness of the pillow could mean that it provides more comfort for you in the long term.

Price – 3/5

A few users have reported being dissatisfied with the price of the product when compared with the quality of the materials that it uses.

The pillows are not the cheapest on the market, and they do not seem to have the best customer reviews.

My Pillow is a well-established brand which could be a possible reason for the higher price, but there are better pillows on the market for a much more reasonable price.

However, this pillow may be a good choice for someone just looking to test out the firmness they prefer in a pillow. The adjustable fillings mean that the pillow can quickly be adapted to your own preference.

Overall Rating - 4/5

Adjustable stuffing allows you to customize this pillow to your individual needs. User reviews of the pillow have generally been positive, although a few people have been dissatisfied with the quality of the materials used.

My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow Review Summary

Should you buy?

The adjustable stuffing makes it a good choice for someone who is unsure of what kind of pillows they are looking for.

It also means it can be reused and adapted to sleeping positions change.

This pillow may be a good fit for a child as it can be cleaned easily, but for someone older, a more durable pillow, or the My Pillow Classic Series Firm Pillow may be a better choice for your money.

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