PharMeDoc Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Soft Bed Comfort Pad – Improved Sleep by Relieving Joint & Back Pain – Pressure Reducing

This PharMeDoc Memory Foam Mattress Topper helps to align your spine using luxury memory foam. The foam is open-cell which increases breathability and helps to keep the mattress cool at night. It uses impact-resistant material so that small movements are absorbed, and you can sleep soundly through the night. It is reasonably priced and comes with a lifetime warranty to guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with the product. This mattress topper is ideal if you are looking for a truly supportive memory foam mattress topper.

Key Features

  • Supportive memory foam shapes itself to your body and helps to align your spine.
  • Enhanced formulated memory foam with open-cell technology allows air to circulate and keeps the mattress cool.
  • The impact-resistant material absorbs movement allowing you to sleep undisturbed throughout the night.
  • It protects your mattress from wear and tear and allows you to use it for longer.
  • It comes with a lifetime manufacturing warranty and guarantees 100% satisfaction.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.

Durability – 5/5

This mattress topper shows promise to last a very long time. It uses high-quality materials which prevent wear and tear. The product guarantees 100% satisfaction and has a lifetime warranty in order ensure this. The product should last a lifetime, and the manufacturer will give you your money back if you find any manufacturing flaws with the mattress topper.

Comfort – 5/5

This mattress topper is made from memory foam, which can often retain heat. This product uses open-cell technology to improve breathability and increase air flow, which cools the mattress topper down. This should also help to eliminate odor, making for a more comfortable rest. The supportive memory foam shapes itself to your position and helps to align your spine, meaning your muscles and joints can fully rest and recover. It also contains impact-resistant material so that movement can be absorbed. This makes it an ideal choice if you share a bed with someone who tosses and turns during the night; the movement will be absorbed by the mattress and you will not be disturbed.

Price – 4/5

The price of the product is around the average price you would expect to pay for a high quality and durable mattress topper. Cheaper mattress toppers can easily be found, but not of the same high standard. By choosing this slightly more expensive topper, you will save money on mattress replacements and having to spend on chiropractor appointments later in life. It is important to have a comfortable and soothing mattress which can fully support you in your sleep.

Customer Satisfaction – 4/5

The user reviews of this mattress are mostly positive. It has 67% five-star reviews on Amazon, and most users say that there is a noticeable ease in their joint pain after using this. Users are happy with the impact-resistant material and notice that they are able to sleep throughout the night without waking. Some users have reported a chemical smell when they opened their mattress topper, but the manufacturer says that airing the topper out for 72 hours should fix this.


If you are looking for a truly supportive and comfortable mattress topper, the PharMeDoc topper is an excellent choice. It uses high-quality memory foam to gently align your spine and ensure that your joints rest properly. Impact-resistant materials are used to ensure that movements are absorbed and will not disturb you during the night. The memory foam is also open-cell to ensure that the topper is cool and breathable. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you are looking for a durable mattress topper to support you for many years to come, this PharMeDoc topper is an excellent choice.


  • Impact resistant materials
  • Helps to prevent and ease joint pain
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Open-cell technology keeps the topper cool and prevents odors.


  • User reviews could be better
  • Plastic smell when it arrives but airing it out for 72 hours should stop this.
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